1 x M.2 NVMe SSD Mobile Rack in Ultra Slim ODD Bay with Single Slot for SD card Reader
Product Details
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  • Product Introduction
    Introducing the CP083 hybrid data storage enclosure combining a next-gen M.2 NVMe SSD with any SD card in a 9.5mm Ultra-Slim optical drive bay. Replace your existing CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray optical disc reader with a dual card reader / SSD bay, to easily connect your SD, SDHC, or SDXC card and a high-speed M.2 NVMe SSD using the same device. The use of a direct SATA connection for the SD card, rather than the USB connection used by other card readers, allows for higher transfer rates, making it easy to transfer data from your mobile devices to a NVMe SSD. To further improve data transfer speeds, the CP083 supports the full NVMe bandwidth specification of 32Gbps, using a OCulink data port for the M.2 drive. The intelligently designed M.2 drive tray surrounds your delicate M.2 NVMe circuit board with a full-metal layer of protection, protecting it from bumps, drops, and rough installation and making it suitable for rough, on-the-go environments. The full-metal trays and chassis, combined with the ample ventilation holes, provide excellent passive heat dissipation to keep your drives running cool.

    CP083 is the perfect storage companion for those working with both portable SD cards and NVMe SSDs, including photographers and videographers, media editors, smartphone and tablet users, and for any application requiring ultra-high density data storage using SD cards up to 1TB in capacity together with NVMe SSDs.
Main Feature
Fits 1 x M.2 NVMe SSD up to 22 x 110mm in Ultra Slim ODD bay
Full-Metal chassis and trays
Front and rear ventilation holes provides excellent airflow throughout the device
Tool-less M.2 SSD tray installation allows easy drive swapping
1 x SD card reader slot - supports half and full duplex
Individual LED indicator lights for each drive bay
Supports PCIe3.0 x 4 32Gbps and SATA III 6Gbps
Supports SATA data / power locking latch cables
EMI grounding are used to ensure a stable environment for the SSD’s used
Active Power Technology (APT) - individual LED only powers up if there is a drive installed in the bay
Model Number: CP083
Color: Black
Host Interface: 1 x OCulink (SFF-8612)
1 x SATA 7pin
Drive Fit: 1 x M.2 NVMe SSD up to 22110mm
1 x SD card (compatible with SD / SDHC / SDXC)
Power Input: 1 x SATA 15pin power
Device Fit: 1 x ultra slim ODD bay
Maximum Transfer Rate:
Depending on Hard Drive Speed
PCIe 3.0 x 4 up to 32Gbps / SATA III up to 6Gbps
SSD Access Indicator: Device power: solid green
Device activity: flashing green
Device empty: LED off
Structure: Full metal
Package Content: Device, user manual, screws
Weight: 250g(TBD)
Dimension (W x H x D): 127.8 x 9.5 x 172mm

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