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Innovative Mobile Racks: Hot Swap Made Simple
Date: 2021.10.15
As many media professionals, especially videographers, most often deal with multiple drives, containing various captured unorganized media. When it comes time to editing special moments on multiple drives, that process can be time-consuming and be exacerbated when multiple drives have to be mounted onto trays using screws and tools.
Eliminating any extra work and unnecessary clutter can be the most rewarding, resulting to completing the tasks in a fraction of the time. ICY DOCK has developed a one of a kind enclosure to bring accessibility to SSD drives to the 3.5” frontal drive bay, allowing for easy drive swapping without the hassle of using tools or screws. The enclosure enables working with bare drives, eliminating the use of tools, reducing downtime, and any additional clutter in your workplace. The tray-less design allows drives to be swapped out within seconds. Simply slide in the drive and begin your task. Ejecting is simply pressing the eject button and your drive will pop out and on to the next device.
Enable Instant Hot Swap
The unique trayless design allows to quickly and easily swap out SSD / HDD within seconds. Simply slide in the drive and begin your task. Ejecting is just as simple push of a button. The drive will pop out with ease and you can insert the next drive.
Great for Small Form Factor Computers
Utilizing the small space of the external 3.5” drive bay (floppy bay), both models are perfect for applications where space is limited. The front-accessible bay makes it easy to add or remove drives for installation, upgrade, and maintenance. Small-Form Factor PCs, embedded systems, IPCs (industrial PC), box PCs, in-vehicle systems and home servers can all benefit from this 2.5" SAS/SATA drive enclosure. Additionally, IT professional and computer repair technicians can utilize this feature to effortlessly read / write data from multiple drives.
Tool-Less Drive Installation / Removal:
MB741SP-B and MB742SP-B includes an innovative new tray caddy design called the “ExpressTray”. The ExpressTray gives you the benefit to use drive trays without the need of tools or screws for a more secured drive enclosure than a trayless system, which is more prone to vibration and lack of protection from the environment. The ExpressTray features built in screws for easy drive installation and removal, and its design allows for easy drive swapping. For applications that require extra stability, we have provided the optional screw holes on the tray. Lock in the drive on the tray with included screws and your drives will be fully secured!
ICY DOCK Video: Innovative ExpressTray Drive Installation
Versatile Utility and Security
The number one priority for any storage enclosure is ensuring the security and durability of your data. Both models are housed with a metal body for maximum durability for accidental bumps and drops. The heat-dissipating properties of the enclosure, combined with intelligently placed ventilation holes, keeps your drive(s) running cool all day, even under heavy lock.
Designed for Extra Stability
Support the 7-pin SATA data connector and 15-pin SATA power connector cables with locking latches, so you'll never need to worry about cables unintentionally disconnecting from your enclosures. Once these cables are connected, they'll lock into place and remain secure.
Determining The Right Product for You
The FlexiDOCK MB521SP-B / MB522SP-B allows for a bare drive hot-swapping workflow. For those, who prefer trays without the dealing with tools and screws and require extra durability, the ExpressCage MB741SP-B / MB742SP-B would be the best alternative! All models support SATA 3.0 6Gbp/s or SAS 3.0 12Gbp/s (single channel) and fit in any external 3.5” device bay.

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