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Tool-Less M.2 EZConvert Adapter
Date: 2021.10.19
Tool-Less M.2 EZConvert Adapter
M.2 NVMe MB705M2P-BM.2 SATA MB703M2P-B
Supports M.2 NVMe SSD
Converts a M.2 NVMe SSD of multiple
lengths (30mm-80mm) to a
U.2 form factor
Supports M.2 SATA SSD
Converts a M.2 SATA SSD of multiple
lengths (30mm-80mm) to a
2.5" SATA form factor
SFF-8639 Host Interface
Supports the full NVMe bandwidth
specification of up to 64Gbps
SATA 7-pin Interface
Supports the full SATA III bandwidth
specification of up to 6Gbps
Aluminum Heatsink
Aluminum heatsink lid protects
the drive and increases heat dispersion
Enhanced Air Ventilation
The lid and body had ventilation holes amply placed throughout the enclosure
to increase airflow

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