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Hot-Swappable Optical Disc Drive + SSD Combo Enclosure Made for The Toughest Environments
Date: 2021.08.18
ICY DOCK ToughArmor ODD + SSD Combo Enclosures
Introduction to Rugged ODD + SSD Combo Enclosures
When working in the harsh desert environments often seen by the military, ensuring that data is well protected from environmental impacts while still being easily accessible is important. Hard drives, SSDs, and optical media are all delicate, and need full-metal protection. While HDDs and SSDs have the benefit of size and speed, they lack the critical read-only functionality provided by optical discs to ensure that once data is written, it cannot be maliciously modified with viruses. Additionally, preventing downtime is important in any mission-critical system, so a storage management solution that is both modular and hot-swappable becomes necessary. ICY DOCK’s line of ruggedized full-metal Optical Disc Drive ODD+SSD combo enclosures are the first to combine conventional storage with a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray reader in a fully hot-swappable enclosure, built for protection to stand up to the heat and impact in arid desert environments.
ICY DOCK ToughArmor ODD + SSD Combo Enclosures
ICY DOCK’s rugged ODD+SSD combo enclosures pair up to 6x 2.5” hard drives or SSDs with any Slim (12.7mm) or Ultra-Slim (9.5mm) CD/DVD/Blu-Ray reader in a single full-metal rack. The all-in-one design makes servicing easy, creating fewer points of failure compared to multiple different enclosures.
Hot-Swappable ODD + SSD Combo Enclosures
ICY DOCK Hot-Swappable SSD/HDD Trays Enclosures
Full hot-swap support for 2.5” hard drives and SSDs allow drives to be installed and replaced in the field in seconds, saving operators valuable time and preventing a system restart.
ICY DOCK Hot-Swappable ODD Bay Enclosures
The industry’s only drive enclosure to add 100% hot-swap support to the optical drive bay, allowing a technician to easily add, upgrade, or replace any Slim or Ultra-Slim CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray reader without any downtime.
Packed With Features
ICY DOCK Full Metal Construction
ICY DOCK Fan Speed Control
The ToughArmor name is known for it’s suitability in rugged military applications, and this trend continues with ToughArmor ODD+SSD combo enclosures. The thick full-metal chassis protects against shock damage, and work together with the active cooling system to remove as much heat as possible, preventing overheating damage even under heavy load.
ICY DOCK Locking Latch Cables Support
Locking latch support for data and power cables ensures a solid, consistent connection in critical in-vehicle environments operating in harsh environments, such as off-road, all-terrain, and airborne and shipboard systems.
ICY DOCK ODD + SSD Enclosures Applications
Install any Slim or Ultra-Slim ODD drive for up to 100GB of storage per disc, including support for read-only media. Read-only ensures that once your critical software is written to disc, it can not be modified, or tampered with viruses. Pair the optical reader with a shock-resistant solid-state drive for a rugged system able to withstand harsh environments.
The Bottom Line
Whether you’re working in a harsh military environment, or an enterprise datacenter, ICY DOCK’s ODD+SSD combo enclosures make it easy to pair conventional and optical storage together in a ruggedized, hot-swappable, and modular enclosure. Take the first step today towards protecting your most sensitive data with ICY DOCK ODD+SSD combo enclosures.
ICY DOCK ODD + SSD Enclosures Applications

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