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ICY DOCK OEM/ODM 2.5/3.5-inch HDD/SSD Data Storage Solution Kit
Date: 2021.08.19
ICY DOCK OEM/ODM 2.5"/3.5" HDD/SSD Data Storage Solution Kit for Customized/Embedded Systems
For computer data storage system integrators, an easy-to-design product and easy-to-maintain product are synonymously important. Building a product from start to finish while keeping it running can be an intricate process in itself since these builders need to find components that are easy to integrate into their system, but at the same time they need to retain all the features it was intended for. Take a Computerized Medical Cart for example: these embedded systems require computer data storage components that meet certain standards to fit into a specific form factor on the chassis and they need to be reliable enough because having a system downtime is not an option when dealing with patient needs. It would not make sense for these system integrators to purchase from a company that cuts corners at the expense of functionality --they're more inclined to purchase quality products that are user friendly and trustworthy. With large selections of ICY DOCK's data storage solutions, we offer ready-to-go ICY DOCK OEM/ODM solution kits for building a data storage system in order to protect and accommodate your critical data.
ICY DOCK provides data storage solutions for both 3.5" HDD or 2.5" SSD systems that are built with specially designed device bays outside of the standard 3.5" front bay or 5.25" device bay. In this scenario, designing a swappable drive cage will take much more time than buying off the shelf since engineers will need to spend time in designing, testing, and manufacturing which could take months or even years to complete. On the other hand, ICY DOCK OEM/ODM solution kits are extremely practical and are designed to be flexible for a wide range of applications especially if space is a concern. They provide the barebones component and allow you to easily integrate these into your build. When used in custom builds, these OEM kits can save valuable time since they're ready-to-go. There is no engineering required to devise the PCBA or milling required to manufacture the trays. You're not required to set up a department designated to manufacture parts and you don't need to spend countless hours in testing those parts while developing numerous revisions to get it right. We've already taken care of it. This alone can shave months off production and is an ideal solution for system builders. In addition, ICY DOCK has taken numerous project requests such as projects from HP, GE, Google, and Intel. With our expertise and experience in the computer data storage field, you can rest assure that your project will be in the good hands. From initial designing stage to final production stage, ICY DOCK utilizes its privately owned R&D team and factories to ensure that our quality and expertise exceed your expectation. So with all that being said, how can you begin your project with us? It is simple. All you have to do is browse through our ICY DOCK OEM/ODM solution kits in our website or merely just give us a call, and we will point you into the right direction. It is as easy as that!
So why choose ICY DOCK at all? There are countless reasons why ICY DOCK is the go-to brand for tier 1 industries, military systems, and medical machines. We offer robust products that are built for the most demanding conditions -products that are meant to last, like our ToughArmor line of enclosures. We have our own manufacturing plant and design team which gives us full quality control over our unique products, whereas many competing companies outsource to third party manufacturers and cannot maintain quality as easily. Our products also have a vast variety of options for any build. If you want a tray-less rack for quick swaps or trays for stability, we have both. Prefer a cage with lo cking mechanism to prevent intrusion and accident ejection for critical operations? We have plenty of products for that as well! If none of the standard products match your requirements, we will go ahead and create an OEM project for you to fulfill those needs. ICY DOCK provides quality products at cost effective prices with an industry leading 3 year warranty and we provide top notch customer support worldwide through live chat, e-mail and phone!
For standard 2.5" HDD/SSD form factor product requirement, you can visit our ToughArmor series for more information.

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