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Easily Backup your Important Files With the MB971SP-B
Date: 2021.08.20
Easily Backup your Important Files With the MB971SP-B
Data is important to backup every so often, as many times there are accidents that occur with your hard drive. Hard drive failure in any case is detrimental to any small business or end user that has records stored in only one place. Once that data is gone, it is very difficult to recover the information and is very expensive to pay data recovery specialists. There also may be times where you need to transport a large amount of data from one hard drive to another. With a plethora of backup software available, it makes it easy to backup any critical data needed. However, there isn’t a quick and easy way to make this process easier on the hardware end. The MB971SP-B DuoSwap hot swap drive caddy for 2.5” & 3.5” is the perfect tool to setup your hard drives and maintaining them.
MB971SP-B Feature image
The MB971SP-B is a no-nonsense product, with the ability to take both 2.5”/3.5” hard drive’s and SSD’s. There are three core components that make it easy to use: fully tray-less hot swap system, individual power and eject buttons. Once the MB971SP-B is installed, the tray-less system does not use any screws or require knowledge of computers and hard drives. All that is needed is to take your bare hard drive, slide it in and turn on the drive. The biggest achievement is the form factor of the hard drive caddy – fitting a 2.5” and 3.5” all in a single 5.25” bay. They say less is more and this is the case as being the ultimate time saver of installing/removing your hard drive for any reason.
The docking station is used in many cases as a way to backup your important data. Although the DuoSwap shares the benefits of a docking station, what is the benefit other than one is internal and one is an external device? The biggest difference is in the data transfer speed, making the average docking station looking very sluggish. This is due to the USB 3.0 interface can only achieve a maximum of 5Gb/s theoretical performance, however, the MB971SP-B uses the full SATA III interface of 6Gb/s to get the job done. Imagine the time it would take to back up your data to a docking station, meanwhile, with a 1TB or larger hard drive? If you are on an older system without USB 3.0 or SATA III, the MB971SP-B has an even bigger advantage against the USB 2.0 interface with a SATA II connection!
Gamers, power users or small businesses will love this product for its flexibility. The time saved from the tray-less setup and the ability to backup data from another location. Installing only takes the time of mounting to the case, so all the time from installing and removing the hard drives are nonexistent. Knowing that once you install the DuoSwap into the case, any maintenance required for faulty hard drives are just a few seconds away.
The MB971SP-B is the perfect backup and Hot-swap tool alongside with your SSD or HDD. You get the performance and convenience you would expect from ICY DOCK. You save time in installing and removing your hard drive in case of failures or data transport. This is the only true backup solution with docking station like features.
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