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The Most Flexible Modules for system upgrades
Date: 2021.08.20
The Most Flexible Modules for system upgrades
As a system builder, there are various industrial applications that are requested in rackmounts, small form factor PC and industrial PC all requires some level of a customized chassis. However, meeting your customer’s requirements presents some sort of challenge and is at times not possible to completely meet their needs. The thing is, you’re not always sure if what you have will work for your client completely and may affect getting the deal. One way to resolve this is to make your chassis much more modular so that you can meet many of your clients demand. However, the cost to do so would be much more expensive and will take time to produce a product that fits your customer’s needs. This brings us to our point – we want to provide system builders with a flexible modular kit without the expensive costs or the time of completely customizing a chassis. By providing our Icy Dock modular kits for your chassis, you can meet the demands of your client, knowing there is a way to accomplish their requests. Since the modules are modular, there isn’t a need to stock inventory of different expensive chassis setups. As a result, this reduces the overhead of having multiple inventories of similar models and thus providing a more simple solution to many system builders.
The Icy Dock modular kit consists of several of our converters, mobile racks and backplane lines.

Converter Line:

If your requirement is to upgrade to 2.5” SSD/HDD to the current system, our converter line includes either SAS & SATA support with options of durable light plastic or a full metal design. The goal is to use a 2.5” SSD/HDD in a 3.5” environment, and while making installation to 3.5” seamless as possible. This has been reflected in our MB882 & MB982 series allowing a patented tool-less hard drive installation design and the most flexible compatibility by exactly matching the screw hole placement of a 3.5” hard drive. The tool-less design make it simple to use in three easy steps: Opening the converter, placing the SSD/HDD in and closing the lid. Once in the converter, this device can be taken anywhere, and while will work with any chassis that uses a standard 3.5” hard drive bay. With our converter line, any system builder will be able to upgrade current servers to 2.5” hard drive or SSD with minimal effort and cost.
Mobile racks & backplanes:
The Most Flexible Modules for system upgrades
If you are looking for a 2.5” multi-bay device to house larger storage, a few converters may not be the best solution. To address this need, the mobile rack and backplane key concept is to be able to maximize the use based on both 3.5” and 5.25” device bay spacing. This will allow the modules to be used in various chassis so long as it uses these standard dimensions. The second focal point is to provide a strong durable casing with an evenly matched design. This is to ensure that the module can perform under stress and over time, meanwhile, making it as easy as possible for non-technical users to use the product without a technician being there. The result is our MB991, MB992, MB994 and MB996 full metal models. The MB991 & MB992 series are mobile racks which are designed for use in 3.5” device bays. The 5.25” backplane modules includes the MB994 & MB996 series, which house up to four SATA/SAS and six 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD respectively. With Interchangeable tray design, system builder can easily expend their product line while providing the same tray system to the client.
Our goal is to provide as much flexibility and support as possible. Please visit our website at http://global.icydock.com or contact us for more product info.
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