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Concept Product CP138

Removable E3.S NVMe SSD to PCIe 5.0 x4 Adapter/Enclosure for PCIe Expansion Slot
Product Details
CP138 is a Concept Product based on customer suggestions. While not yet scheduled for release, with sufficient customer support and detailed feedback, we aim to bring it to market. Your insights are crucial in shaping this product and confirming market demand. Please share your thoughts and desired specifications by clicking the icons below or joining the discussion in our forum. Your input helps turn this concept into reality!
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  • Introducing our Concept Design CP138, a removable E3.S NVMe SSD adapter tailored for PCIe x4 expansion slot. It accommodates a 7.5mm height E3.S NVMe SSD and boasts PCIe 5.0 x4 interface speeds of up to 128Gbps, complete with a 50mm fan for superior cooling. The CP138 revolutionizes how E3.S NVMe SSDs are interchanged directly from the PCIe slot, bypassing the need to access the computer's internals.
  • Effortless Drive Exchange
    The CP138 redefines ease with its heavy-duty metal drive tray and hot-plug capability for E3.S NVMe drives, enabling quick drive changes without system shutdowns or case dismantling.
  • Maximized PCIe Storage Expansion
    The CP138 utilizes available PCIe expansion slots to amplify your desktop’s storage capacity, adding a high-speed E3.S NVMe drive to effortlessly exceed standard storage limits. With PCIe 5.0, experience rapid data transfer rates reaching 128Gbps.
  • Designed for the PCIe x4 slot, the CP138’s versatility shines with its compatibility with full-length PCIe x8 and x16 slots, offering greater flexibility for your setup.
  • Rugged Data Protection
    The CP138 is engineered for resilience. Its solid metal enclosure, tray, and bracket are designed for longevity and superior heat dissipation, while its anti-vibration feature minimizes noise and safeguards against environmental stressors.
  • Advanced Cooling System
    To counteract the heat generated by high-speed E3.S NVMe SSDs and maintain stable performance, the CP138 includes a 50mm frameless fan utilizing a standard 4-Pin connector for easy fan exchanges or upgrades. Strategically positioned ventilation holes complement your system’s cooling, keeping your NVMe drive at optimal temperatures, even when operating at full capacity.
  • Full-Featured and Streamlined
    The CP138 offers a wealth of features, utilizing the PCIe interface for a clutter-free cabling experience within PC cases. The drive tray's LED indicator signals power and activity status. An optional 4-pin header for SSD activity signal output seamlessly conveys the drive's activity to the computer's front panel, keeping you informed and in control.
Main Features
Supports 1 x 7.5mm height E3.S NVMe SSD
Compatible with PCIe x4/ x8 /x16 Slot
Supports PCIe Gen 5.0 x 4 speed up to 128Gbps
Removable SSD caddy design for quick drive maintenance and replacements
Supports drive hot-plug without requiring the system to be powered down
Includes a 50mm frameless fan for effective heat dissipation
Active Power Technology (APT) – drive activity LED only powers up if there is a drive installed in the bay
Optional 4-pin drive activity signal output - allows for easy transfer of the drive activity signal to the front of the computer case (cable not included)

EMI Grounding – protects SSD from electrical damage


Narrow design allows for multiple bays to be installed side-by-side in a modular design

Model Number: CP138
Colors: Black
Host Interface: 1 x PCIe 5.0 x 4 Golden Finger
Drive Fit: 1 x E3.S SSD (up to 7.5mm height)
Device Fit: 1 x single PCIe x4 slot
Maximum Transfer Rate: PCIe 5.0 x4 up to 128Gb/s (depending on SSD speed)
Power Input: Via PCIe slot
SSD Access Indicator :

Green: LED (device power: solid green; Device access: flashing Green)
Amber: LED (function is defined by host)
Blue: LED (function is defined by host)

Empty: LED off
Fan Type: 1 x 50mm frameless fan
Package Content: Device, User Manual, Screws
Structure: Metal IO bracket/cover with PCBA and plastic shield
Dimension (W x H x D) : 121.1 x 21.6 x 210.5mm
Weight: (TBD)

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