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Secure Your Data With Locking Latch
Date: 2021.09.07

Whether you're storing mission-critical business data or cherished family photos, protecting yourself against data loss is essential. One often overlooked factor is the cables that connect hard drives and SSDs to your computer. Over time, these power and data cables can become loose due to hard drive vibrations, shock, or movement, which can cause unlatched cables to disconnect unexpectedly. If this happens during a transfer, any active transfer will be corrupted, and it can even damage an entire drive, wiping out your valuable data. Clearly a better solution is needed to securely connect the vital data and power cables onto data storage devices.

Introduction to Locking Latch Cables

ICY DOCK realized the importance of a stable, reliable cable connection, and integrated a cable latching solution into their internal data storage enclosures for all models using SATA / SAS data cables, and SATA power cables.

Many modern cable manufacturers include a metal or plastic insert on the connector, and when the cable is connected, it locks into place in the specially designed slot on the ICY DOCK enclosure. This ensures that the cable is not disconnected accidentally, even on systems prone to movement such as mobile workstations, in-vehicle PCs, airborne and shipboard PCs, and in ruggedized military applications.

Locking latch cables are just as easy to remove as they are to insert, simply press down on the latch and pull to free the cable.

ICY DOCK 2.5'' HDDs & SSDs Enclosures

ExpressCage Series flexiDOCK Series
ToughArmor Series EZConvert Series

ICY DOCK supports locking-latch SATA and SAS cables on their other 2.5" HDD & SSD enclosures as well, including their rugged ToughArmor series, tool-less flexiDOCK and ExpressCage series, and the EZConvert line of 2.5" to 3.5" converters for reliable 2.5" HDD and high-speed SSD use.

ICY DOCK 3.5'' Hard Drives Enclosures

FatCage Series FlexCage Series

ICY DOCK's 3.5" hard drive lineup supports SATA data and power cables with locking latch designs on their FatCage series and their trayless FlexCage series, as well as all the other 3.5" HDD mobile racks, making them a reliable storage solution for mass storage and backups.

Bottom Line

Securely connected cables are a necessary but often neglected step in preventing data loss. ICY DOCK's internal data storage enclosures fully support SATA/SAS data cables, SATA power cables, and Mini-SAS HD cables with locking latch designs to ensure that once these cables are connected, they'll lock into place and stay that way. Take the first step towards protecting your critical data today with ICY DOCK drive enclosures supporting locking-latch cable designs.

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