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Dual-Lock Drive Enclosure
Date: 2021.09.07

Whether you're working with data in a server rack, a portable workstation, or an in-vehicle computer, protecting drives from vibration, movement, and unwanted access is crucial to protecting your data. In an enclosure without anti-vibration, drives can slide out of their connector and disconnect during use, corrupting any active transfers and potentially damaging the entire drive. Additionally, unlocked drive cages offer no access control, allowing unauthorized parties to accidentally or maliciously remove drives, leaving your most sensitive data vulnerable. A better way to securely mount drives, while keeping them accessible to the right people, is clearly needed.

Introduction to Dual-Security Drive Enclosures

ICY DOCK realized the importance of a stable solution for managing security and mitigating movement of hard drives and SSDs. A dual-security system is designed into their industrial drive enclosures, using an integrated screw-lock for connection stability along with a secure key-lock for physical access control.

In a conventional drive enclosure, drive trays are loosely held in their frames without screws or vibration dampening. Movement and vibration in mobile environments causes these trays to move, which may intermittently break the physical connection between drive and connector, leading to data loss. On a ToughArmor dual-security drive enclosure, a screw-lock on the front of the tray threads directly into the full-metal chassis, locking the drive securely inside its connector from the left-side. A metal hinge further steadies the drive from the right, and an anti-vibration mechanism on the inner right and left side of the unit prevents vertical movement. The screw-lock, connector, locking hinge, and anti-vibration mechanism work together as a 4-part stability system to protect drives against movement and shock in mobile environments.


The metal key-lock system provides access control and accountability, ensuring that only authorized key holders can access or remove drives. This dual-action combination of a key-lock and screw-lock provides redundant protection suitable for highly sensitive data environments, such as the military and the medical industry.

ICY DOCK ToughArmor Dual-Security Series

Data Storage Enclosures

Supports 1x 2.5" HDD/SSD
Supports 5mm-15mm Drive Height
Supports 2x 2.5" HDD/SSD
Supports 5mm-9.5mm Drive Height
SATA/SAS Support
Rugged Dual-Security Design With Screw-Lock & Key-Lock
Dual-security is available on ICY DOCK's ToughArmor series of ruggedized drive enclosures. The series is specifically designed to meet many areas of MIL-STD-810G which is a performance and manufacturing guideline for military and industrial equipment in extreme temperature operation, vibration and shock absorption, and operating on moving vehicles such as airplanes, ships, and trucks.

Bottom Line

In rugged environments facing heavy movements and vibration, ensuring that storage drives stay secured in their cages is essential to protecting your valuable data. ICY DOCK's dual-security key-lock and screw-lock supported enclosures give you full control over the physical protection of your drives and secures them against unauthorized users in military, medical, server, airborne, shipboard, in-vehicle, and portable computer applications, and any application requiring high security for data drives. Take the first step towards securing your data with ICY DOCK's ToughArmor dual-security drive enclosures today.

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