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Expand Your Storage Capabilities with ICY DOCK SSD Mounting Bracket
Date: 2021.09.08
Whether you're installing ultra-fast solid state drives, high capacity HDDs, or a combination of the two, adding additional 2.5'' data storage devices to your desktop or workstation PC can be difficult. These small form factor drives have many advantages over larger 3.5'' drives. 2.5'' hard drives can pack up to 5TB into a small design, ideal for mass storage of media. 2.5'' SSDs have speeds up to 3 times faster than traditional HDDs, and can cut boot and load times drastically. Their smaller size also lets you fit up to three of these devices is the same space as a larger 3.5'' HDD, making them perfect for space-limited applications. Despite their advantages, many computers support only a limited number of these drives, restricting your expansion options. Surely a better solution to exceed this limitation would be needed.
Introduction to ICY DOCK 2.5'' Drive Mounting Brackets
ICY DOCK realized the importance of a simple solution to installing multiple 2.5'' hard drives and SSDs, and created a series of mounting brackets to securely install up to four of these drives into any home, office, or server computer.
With ICY DOCK's drive brackets, install up to 3 x 2.5'' devices all in the same space as one 3.5'' hard drive. When using the 5.25'' ODD bay, take this even further with up to 4 x 2.5'' drives in the same space as an older CD/DVD ROM drive. Use all HDDs for a mass-storage server or NAS device, or all SSDs to take advantage of multiple operating systems. For home and workstation computers, use a combination of the two with your operating system on a fast SSD, and media storage on mechanical HDDs for the best of both worlds.
With ICY DOCK's drive brackets, there's no need to break out the tool box for drive installation or removal. Advanced tool-less tray designs use integrated tabs that lock into drive screw holes, securely holding drives in place without screws or tools. This tool-less design is perfect for system builders and IT professionals, especially when working with many systems, saving time that would otherwise be spent screwing in drives.
All ICY DOCK 2.5'' drive brackets utilize a built-in drive stability mechanism for shock absorption and anti-vibration. This allows them to adapt to different drive heights, and protects drives from movement and vibration, which can damage your drives and destroy the data within.
ICY DOCK's drive brackets are built to last, combining high-quality materials with intelligently simple designs to minimize moving parts and improve reliability, and this is backed by a full 3-year warranty against all product defects. All ICY DOCK products also come with complimentary tech support from trained US-based support agents ready to assist you in whatever way is most convenient to you, including email, phone, web-chat, and Facebook messenger.
ICY DOCK 2.5'' Drive Mounting Brackets
Fits in Internal 3.5'' Bay
Supports 2 x HDDs / SSDs (7-9mm)
Tray-Less Design
Fits in Internal 3.5'' Bay
Supports 3 x HDDs / SSDs (5-7mm)
Supports 2 x HDDs / SSDs (5-9.5mm)
Fits in Internal 3.5'' Bay
Supports 2 x HDDs / SSDs (7-9mm)
Full-Metal Chassis / Tray-Less Design
FLEX-FIT Quattro MB344SP
Fits in External 5.25'' Bay
Supports 4 x HDDs / SSDs (7-9mm)
Tray-Less Design
Bottom Line
Whether you're adding high-performance SSDs or additional hard drives for mass storage, ICY DOCK's 2.5'' drive mounting brackets let you securely add data storage drives effortlessly, without tools or screws. Take the first step today towards exceeding your storage limitations with ICY DOCK's 2.5'' SSD / HDD mounting brackets.

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