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Multipurpose CD/DVD + SSD Drive Enclosure
Date: 2021.09.08
Whether you're working with digital media files, setting up a home-theater system, or creating a long-term backup solution, there are many reasons to pair conventional HDD/SSD data storage with optical media such as CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray. Home users can store music, movies and shows on optical discs, and use hard drives or SSDs for programs and files. Media editors store large source files on SSDs for faster editing, and use DVDs or Blu-Rays for distribution. Businesses from almost every industry use hard drives for local storage, or on-site backup, and in some cases where critical data require stability and longevity, M-DISCs is used back up data for up to 1000 years. Despite their complementary usages, finding a single solution to work with hard drives, SSDs, and optical discs is no easy task.
Introduction to Optical + Drive Combo Enclosures
ICY DOCK realized the usefulness of pairing hard drives, SSDs, and optical media together, and created a series of hybrid enclosures to store a disc reader and multiple data drives in a simple, unified enclosure. Hybrid enclosures offer a low-cost and space efficient alternative to purchasing multiple enclosures for different devices, and are a convenient solution to anyone requiring both optical storage and additional HDD/SSD storage devices.
Optical Drive + 2.5" Drive

ICY DOCK's Optical Drive + 2.5" Drive Combo Enclosures let you pair your CD, DVD-ROM, or Blu-Ray disc reader with up to 4 x 2.5" hard drives or SSDs. Users can utilize SSDs for speed-critical applications, such as for your operating system, resource hungry applications, and games, while for mass storage of files, documents, and media, the user can use large capacity conventional hard drives. By using ICY DOCK’s multipurpose enclosure, user can enjoy the benefit of having an optical reader, SSDs, and hard drives all in the same enclosure, for a highly versatile 3-part storage solution in a single convenient device!

Optical Drive + 3.5" Drive or Device

For mass storage needs, combine a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray optical disk reader with any 3.5" hard drive or 3.5” device such as fan speed control panel or SD card reader using ICY DOCK's Optical Drive + 3.5" Drive Combo Enclosures. Create the ultimate home-theater experience using an optical reader for your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray media, with a high-capacity hard drive up to 16TB for all your digital media. It is also perfect for media editors; using a hard drive for large source files and an optical disk writer to store completed projects to disc for long term backup and distribution.


Secure your mission-critical data with ICY DOCK's multipurpose CD/DVD + SSD drive enclosure today! Using a M-DISC compatible disc reader for 1000-year data archival of your most important data and adding additional hard discs for your most used data for easy data access and restoration, gives you both a long-term archive and short-term restore points for a more secure backup solution.

Optical Drive + 2.5" SSD/HDD Combo Enclosures
ExpressCage MB732SPO-B
Supports 12.7mm Slim / 9.5mm Ultra-Slim ODD

Supports hot-swapping 2 x SSD / HDD, max 15mm height

Tool-less 2.5" drive installation
Supports 12.7mm Slim / 9.5mm Ultra-Slim ODD

Supports mounting 4x SSD / HDD, max 9.5mm height

Tool-less 2.5" drive installation
Optical Drive + 3.5" HDD/Device Enclosure
DuoSwap MB971SPO-B
Supports 9.5mm Ultra-Slim ODD

Supports 1 x 3.5" hotswappable HDD

3.5" power switch with 1-touch drive ejection
Supports 9.5mm Ultra-Slim ODD

Supports mounting 1 x 3.5" HDD or device

Sturdy 1-piece construction
The Bottom Line
Whether you're creating a near-forever backup solution using a hard drives and M-DISCs, or a complete home-theater experience with your DVDs and Blu-Rays, ICY DOCK's optical drive combo enclosures give you the flexibility to add hard drives, SSDs, and optical drive readers together in a single enclosure. Take the first step today towards utilizing conventional HDD/SSD and optical media with ICY DOCK's multipurpose CD/DVD + SSD Drive Enclosure.


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