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M.2 SSD Converter Bracket
Date: 2021.09.16
With modern storage devices now coming in a wide variety of sizes and form factors, it's important to be able to accommodate all of them easily. 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives are perfect for media and large files, while 2.5" and M.2 SSDs are ideal for intensive applications requiring high performance. The common solution to this problem is with a drive form-factor converter, which gives a drive the same dimensions and port locations of a different drive form-factor. While there are many products that accomplish this, most of them neglect key features like shock/vibration resistance and convenience, and use a slow installation process requiring screws and tools. ICY DOCK's EZConvert series is a one-of-the-kind solution that fixes these issues, with 100% tool-less installation, support for all common drive heights/lengths, and advanced drive stabilization and vibration dampening that keeps your data safe.
Tool-less Drive Installation
Traditional Converter
a. To insert a drive
a. To remove a drive
ICY DOCK's EZConvert Series
a. To insert a drive b. To remove a drive
ICY DOCK's drive converters offer 100% tool-less drive installation, a streamlined process that takes just seconds per drive, saving you and your team valuable time over traditional screw & tool converters.
Advanced Drive Protection and Support
EZConvert drive converters use a built-in drive stabilization mechanism that self-adjusts to accommodate all drive heights. For M.2 SATA SSDs, and a tool-less adjustable drive bracket secures drives of all common lengths.
Versatility For Every Application
To better accommodate a wide variety of usages and price points, ICY DOCK's EZConvert line is available in several series for both 2.5" and M.2 SATA drives, with options for a full-metal chassis, improved air flow, and dual-channel SAS support.
The Bottom Line
Whether you're adding an SSD to your home desktop PC, or outfitting a server for high-density storage, EZConvert drive converters are an easy solution to use new M.2 SATA and 2.5" HDD/SSDs into your existing drive enclosures, while adding an additional layer of physical protection. Take the first step today towards creating a highly compatible and maintainable storage management solution with ICY DOCK's EZConvert drive form-factor conversion kits.

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