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Mac SSD Upgrade Kits Buying Guide
Date: 2021.09.16
Mac Pro desktops are not set up to natively uses a 2.5” SSD, so the user is left to find their own solution. But a simple bracket will not allow an SSD to be mounted like on a normal PC case. The problem must be solved with a product that emulates a 3.5” SATA HDD so that it can be mounted in the Mac Pro drive tray, and slide in for a smooth and seamless installation.
- Unavailable 2.5" SSD slot for Mac Pro 2012
- Require a standard 3.5" HDD form factor in the Mac Pro hard drive slot
- Require tools for SSD drive installation.
Icy Dock is proud to provide the top rated solution for Mac Pro users. Using the Icy Dock SSD converter series, a Mac Pro user can insert a 2.5” SATA / SAS hard drive and SSD and can then easily mount it to the Mac Pro drive tray for installation. The Icy Dock SSD converter series is a perfect simulation of a 3.5” SATA HDD, using the same dimensions, mounting hole locations, and connections. It is a perfect solution for anyone who wishes to upgrade their Mac Pro to a flash based system.

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