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Adding NVMe Storage to Your Small Form Factor
Date: 2021.10.15
As computer systems are getting smaller nowadays, most manufacturers have opted out on not to include any drive bay due to the nature of the smaller size. A “small form factor” (SFF) PC is a smaller configuration than a typical tower PC that usually lacks in customization and flexibility such as drive mounts or even running out of SATA ports on your motherboard. As PCIe mask is most often unused, ICY DOCK has developed the ToughArmor MB840M2P-B, the ruggedized M.2 NVMe SSD tool-less removable PCIe bracket, and ToughArmor MB839SP-B SATA SSD removable PCIe bracket. The frontal drive loading makes installing and removing drives hassle-free (reducing downtime) and equipped with a full metal enclosure and tray for maximum durability. This makes it ideal for small high-performance PCs, rack-mounted computers, and 4K / 8K / 3D media workstation.
In the Small World of Small Form Factor PC
As storage drives get smaller, technology has also adapted to that and making their computer towers also small. Small Form Factor PCs are becoming more and more prevalent in the computing world. However, with a smaller size, you are sacrificing some of the features. Computer manufacturers are taking some of the critical physical features such as external drive bays, optical disc bays, and slowly merging from traditional USB ports to USB-C ports, in result to, less flexibility and customizable. However, most often users overlook the rear PCIe ports in the rear. With our PCIe mobile rack, you can expand additional storage without knowing you can!
As SATA has been in various industry standards, a few years ago, NVMe had rolled out tripling the speeds of SATA in the size of a gum stick. There are many benefits between both of them. SATA SSDs are known to be reliable, high capacity, and affordable. However, NVMe M.2 drives have transfer speed up to 32Gp/s, small form factor, and has lower latency. It really depends on your setup need and which works well in order to tackle projects efficiently.
One of a Kind SSD Removable Mobile Rack for PCIe
Take advantage of your unused PCIe expansion slot and maximize your computer’s storage whether it is SATA or NVMe with the ToughArmor MB839SP-B and MB840M2P-B. Both units allow you to add or remove drives in seconds without opening your computer case. This allows swapping drives in an efficient manner while minimizing downtime.

Compatible with all PCIe Expansion Slots (Including 2019+ Mac Pro)

The ToughArmor MB839SP-B and MB840M2P-B are compatible with all motherboard PCIe Expansion slots. By using the PCIe slot has many advantages such as providing power and data transfer at the same location which ultimately reduces cable clutter in a PC case. As the 2019+ Apple Mac Pro has computer enthusiasts going crazy for it, our PCIe mobile rack is compatible so you can max out the storage with half of the price that Apple is charging out the door!

Maximum Cooling For Steady Workflow

When working under heavy load such as large data transfer or working on 4K / 5K / 8K video editing, your SSDs needs steady cool airflow to prevent the drive to throttle or reaching a high temperature. Both units come with intelligently place large ventilation holes on both sides of the enclosure to work with your computer’s cooling system to keep your drives cool at all times. The single-slot width is narrow enough to enable cooling even when multiple bays are installed side by side.
On the other hand, M.2 NVMe drives are notorious to overheat and throttle, therefore proper airflow is needed so we have included a heatsink and thermal pads for maximum heat dispersion.
Safe and Secure with ToughArmor Series
The ToughArmor Series is renowned in the enterprise and industrial data storage for its full metal chassis and tray that provides protection from environmental damage and holding flammability standards. The ToughArmor MB839SP-B and MB840M2P-B are equipped with a ruggedized full-metal chassis, tray, and mounting bracket to help ensure a long product life and further aid in heat dissipation. It is currently being used and approved by Tier One companies such as HP, Boeing, and NASA.
Why Choose our SSD Mobile Rack for PCIe Expansion Slot?
The MB839SP-B and the MB840M2P-B are great ways to expand additional storage to any small form factor PCs and compatible with the all-new 2019+ Apple Mac Pro Tower. Both units add full hot-swap support over the PCIe interface, allowing you to add or remove drives in seconds without having to shut down the computer or open up your computer case. Simply install your drive onto the tray and you’re all set to go! The benefit of having hot-swap support is to prevent downtime when upgrading storage or replacing a failed drive.
Why Choose our M.2 NVMe Enclosure?
Nowadays computer systems are getting smaller with less for flexibility and customizability, therefore our newly released PCIe mobile rack is the best way to add additional storage whether it is for SATA or NVMe in your unused PCI Expansion Slot. When purchasing any ICY DOCK products comes with a full 3-year warranty against all defects and complimentary US-based technical support agents.
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