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Maximize the Full Potential of Your Unused External 5.25
Date: 2021.10.15
Maximize the Full Potential of Your
Unused External 5.25” Bay
Bigger is better – this is the motto that we've been accustomed to; however, smaller products and smaller form factors are becoming more and more prevalent in the computing world. Nowadays, most computers and workstations only come with a single external 5.25” bay which is often overlooked and not used to its maximum potential. By using the FLEX-FIT series bracket, it is one of a kind mounting bracket that maximizes the usage of the external 5.25” bay, not only it includes 3.5” HDD/device slot but also able to add an ultra-slim ODD bay (optical drive bay) or two additional 2.5” SSD/HDD on top of the 3.5” slot.
Made for Space Savings
One of the most unique features of the FLEX-FIT series bracket is that it provides users a higher level of flexibility for external 5.25” drive bay bracket that only ICY DOCK can deliver. Depending on the FLEX-FIT model, it can not only store a 3.5” HDD/device but also 2x 2.5” HDD/SSD or an ultra-slim CD/DVD disk reader. The major benefit of using our specialized bracket is the space efficiency and cost effectiveness since the bracket allows you to have different combinations of drive and device set-ups.
Simple Tool-Less 3.5” Drive Installation
Installation is a breeze with our advanced drive guiding system on the FLEX-FIT MB343SP & MB343SPO. To install your 3.5” drive or device such as our enclosure, card reader or even an audio control, simply slide in the device into the open slot of the bracket until you hear a click. The click sound indicates the Smart-Tip locks has locked your device/drive in place. For extra stability and security, optional screws (which are included) can be added to each side.
Introduction to FLEX-FIT Series Bracket
Dual 2.5” Drive + 3.5” Drive or Device
Most games that are stored in your computer can take up to 100GB of storage space per game and with variety of games stored, it can add up in a blink of an eye. In general, game files and gaming world are growing rapidly, gamers are often times running out of storage more quickly than the average. With the FLEX-FIT Trio MB343SP, there is no need to worry about running out of storage as user can store games on multiple drives and easily swap to access different game drives with the help of flexiDOCK or Expresscage drive enclosure.
ICY DOCK knows that gamers or media users need the maximum storage capacity possible to cater their daily needs. The FLEX-FIT Trio can pair two 2.5” HDD/SSD, IDE, or SATA drives (7mm to 9.5mm in height) on top of the 3.5” slot for hard drive or device. As for mass storage of files, documents, and other types of media, pair it with a large capacity conventional hard drives or hot-swappable drive enclosure to easily access data. It is suitable for small form factor PCs and small-ITX style systems with limited 5.25" external bay.
Optical CD/DVD Drive + 3.5” Drive or Device
For media storage needs, combine a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray disk reader with ICY DOCK's flexiDOCK or ExpressCage hot-swappable drive enclosure by using the FLEX-FIT Duo MB343SPO. For users that still prefers discs and HDD/SSD to access their media content, an ultra Slim ODD can be installed on the top and a hot-swappable 2.5" drive enclosure on the bottom of the bracket, creating an ultimate home theatre solution and experience. The flexiDOCK & ExpressCage hot-swappable drive enclosure series allow hot-swapping and removing of media stored 2.5" drives from the front of the system for convenience. With the FLEX-FIT Duo bracket, it maximizes your compact 5.25" drive bay to accommodate a 9.5mm ultra-slim ODD and a 3.5” device. It is perfect for HTPC enthusiasts and media workstations.
The 3.5" slot on the bottom of the FLEX-FIT Duo fits either a 3.5" HDD for large capacity drive storage or hot-swappable drive enclosure such as flexiDOCK and ExpressCage series. There are many possible configurations with our products to suit your specific needs. No matter what type of the system you’re trying to build, you’ll always find the products you’re looking for from ICYDOCK.
Pair it with our ExpressCage / flexiDOCK Series
For users that do not want to use drive trays, the flexiDOCK series features simple push and eject drive button. The easy to press ejection button offers rapid drive ejection in a smooth and quick action, allowing for drives to be switched out within seconds
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