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Upgrade Your System Today with ICY DOCK NVMe M.2 SSD Mobile Racks
Date: 2021.10.15
With the rapid advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, and blockchains, it is also important to stay up with the latest addition of storage drives. SATA SSDs has been industry standard for many years due to its’ wider availability, form factor, and affordability. The all new M.2 NVMe SSD is the next-generation connection standard capable of transfer speed up to 32Gbps, which is 6 times faster than traditional SATA SSDs and with the similar price-point to SATA drives, there isn’t a reason not to switch. Higher speeds equals, the better your computer will perform, in result to, tackling task down quicker while being efficient.  ICY DOCK has developed one of the first M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure where it fits in the computer’s 3.5” / 5.25” external drive bay. It can easily accessed in front of your computer case without opening up your computer case. The uniquely designed tray gives you the flexibility to install or remove drives within seconds without tools or screws to minimize downtime and reduce any potential maintenance cost. Rest assure that your drive will be protected from physical damaged and unwanted access with a 360-degree full metal housing and tray with included key-lock. Ideal for server-based system, military rack-mounted computers, 4K/8K workstations, and in-vehicles PCs.
Why the Switch?
Source: extremetech.com
In July 2008, SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) began to rollout which is a parallel ATA interface used among mechanical hard drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSDs). It is known for its’ high capacity and reliability. SATA transfer speeds maxes out at a throughput of 6Gbps. As of a few years ago in October 2012, NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) has released, changing the way of high-speed computing. NVMe is a host controller interface specification that uses PCIe Express to connect SSDs directly to the motherboard, in result, to faster transfer speeds up to 32Gbps. With high amount of speeds equals, the better your computer will perform. Transfer and back up large-sized data files and 4K videos within seconds!
Price Comparison
Despite the equipment’s upgrade required for supporting NVMe SSDs, NVMe M.2 SSD and SATA SSD have very similar price in today’s market. The Gb per dollar is almost identical. Which means that if you upgrade to a NVMe SSD from your old SATA SSD, it not only comes with a huge transfer speed benefit, you almost getting this boost for free!

Upgrading to NVMe with ICY DOCK Removable M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure
M.2 NVMe SSD, however, has two downsides. First, it has to be installed in a motherboard or with a riser card with limited accessibility and secondly, it runs very hot when under full load. However, to remedy these two problems, ICY DOCK’s has developed a removable M.2 drive rack that can be easily installed or removed without the hassle of opening up your entire computer system which can cause major downtime. With the ToughArmor M.2 NVMe enclosure, large heat sink is attached to each M.2 drives and working along with dual speed-adjustable fans ensuring that NVMe M.2 SSD does not experience speed throttle due to high temperature when in full load.

Easy Accessibility
With ICY DOCK Removable M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure, M.2 NVMe SSD no longer needed to be installed on a motherboard or a riser card, where it is hard to remove when drive went bad or when you needed to physically remove the drive for transport. With a cable of either SFF-8639 to SFF-8643 or simply SFF-8639 to SFF-8639 connected to ICY DOCK Removable M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure and motherboard, you can make M.2 drives from hard to access to easy to remove. This function is very essential for user who requires to physically remove their drives daily either for security purpose or transporting such as military personnel require to remove the drives for daily offsite backup or medial professional need to transport work drive from office to home.

Maximum Cooling for Steady Workflow
Without a doubt, the ultra-fast M.2 NVMe SSDs are known for its’ incredible performance and smaller form factor. However, M.2 is known for overheating and failure issues under heavy load, therefore proper airflow. The uniquely designed tray has an integrated aluminum heatsink with included thermal pad for maximum passive heat dispersion. Combined with our enclosure, the drive will receive additional airflow through the intelligently placed ventilation holes on the sides which works together with computer cooling system. With the 4-bay M.2 enclosure, comes with two 40mm ball-bearing fan with three fan speed settings (high, low, and off), to ensure that your SSDs does not experience any throttling or any failure due to drive reaching high temperature especially when operating in heavy-load tasks.

Safe and Secure with ToughArmor Series
The ToughArmor Series is renowned in the enterprise and industrial data storage for its’ complete full-metal chassis and used by tier one companies like HP, Google, and NASA, to ensure the maximum protection from environmental damage and compliant with industry flammability standards. For additional physical layer of security, the included key-lock can be used to protect unwanted access and secure drives in particularly rough terrain environments, such as military applications and in-vehicle PCs.

Why Choosing ICY DOCK M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure?
ICY DOCK M.2 NVMe SSD enclosure is built with quality in mind. Not only, your sensitive NVMe M.2 SSD is fully protected in a complete metal chassis and secured with barrel key lock for preventing unwanted theft, but also, all the ICY DOCK units are backed up with 3 year warranty as well as USA located tech support technician for all your needs.
Experiencing the High-Speed NVMe Data Storage
ToughArmor MB601M2K-1B (NVMe)
Fits 1x M.2 NVMe SSD (30mm to 110mm)
Installs into any standard 3.5” external drive bay / floppy bay
Uses U.2 port (SFF-8639) to connect, requires NVMe host
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ToughArmor MB720M2K-B (NVMe)
Fits 4x M.2 NVMe SSDs (30mm to 110mm)
Installs into any standard external 5.25" device bay
Uses 4x miniSAS HD (SFF-8643) to connect, requires NVMe host
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ToughArmor MB991SK-B (SATA)
Fits 1x 2.5” SATA HDD/SSD (5mm to 15mm drive height)
Installs into any standard 3.5” external drive bay / floppy bay
Uses SATA 15-pin port to connect
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ToughArmor MB994SP-4S (SAS/SATA)
Fits 4x 2.5” SAS/SATA HDD/SSD (5mm to 15mm drive height)
Installs into any standard 5.25” external device bay
Uses 2x 4-pin and 4x SATA 7-pin ports to connect
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What's ICY DOCK NVMe SSD Enclosure?
ICY DOCK is leading the industry with next generation form factor computer data storage. We are constantly designing and manufacturing removable mobile racks dedicated to NVMe M.2, M.3 and U.2 SSD.
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