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Increase the performance of your intelligent surveillance system with ICY DOCK SSD/HDD cage storage solutions
Date: 2021.08.24
Increase the performance of your intelligent surveillance system with ICY DOCK SSD/HDD cage storage solutions
Intelligent Video Surveillance
With security concerns rising globally, improved video surveillance has become a priority for both public and private sectors, and an essential tool in fighting crime and protecting assets. With the increased use of surveillance digital video recorder (SDVR) systems, video surveillance now provides higher image quality, increased data storage archiving, and advanced intelligent video recognition.

Conventional surveillance systems aren’t sophisticated enough to differentiate a cat from a burglar, but with intelligent video surveillance (IVS) systems, such limitations are overcome. IVS software enables video equipment manufacturers and system integrators to create intelligent video solutions to see and process visual information as if by a human. Such video analytics systems can be programmed to track license plate numbers, recognize humans from animals, and send alerts for pre-defined parameters such as a person climbing over a fence.
The Storage Demands
Abundant storage is integral to surveillance systems since a week’s worth of recording at 1280x1024 resolution and 30 frames per second will fill up a 500 GB storage capacity. IVS systems typically perform their data analysis on the recorded data and not live stream, so sufficient storage space must be available until the data can be analyzed.

Using multiple inexpensive, low-capacity hard drives seems like a great idea, but it may prove to be more costly in the long run since it will produce more heat, and reduce system reliability. It is recommended to use higher-capacity, specialized surveillance hard drive in a safe and cool environment for the best performance.
Surveillance HDD
Recently, Seagate and Western Digital have both announced the release of their line of surveillance HDD which they have specifically engineered for surveillance and video analytics applications. Seagate offers their ST1000VX000, ST2000VX000, ST3000VX000, and ST4000VX000 models while Western Digital offers their WD10PURX, WD20PURX, WD30PURX, WD40PURX models. Both the Seagate Surveillance HDD and Western Digital Purple HDD are optimized to withstand the rigors of 24x7 multiple video streaming by offering greater storage capacity, reduced power consumption, and increased reliability. Reduced wattage (shown in table below) directly translates to decreased temperatures which lead to increased drive reliability as heat is a leading culprit for system failure. And a 3TB surveillance drive can store a massive amount of data. (roughly 42 days of high-quality video streaming @ 1290x1024 resolution, 30fps)
Drives needed for 3TB capacity
Power used per operating drive, watts
Total power used,
idle drives, watts
GB per watt
3TB surveillance drive
500GB desktop-class drive
* Comparison between a 3TB SeagateR Surveillance HDD and an average 500GB standard desktop drive.
Maximize your surveillance storage performance with ICY DOCK hard drive cages
Why ICY DOCK Cages?
Better power management using fewer cables from your power supply
Superior cooling performance with 80-120mm cooling fans
Drive protection using robust aluminum body
Advanced Environment Monitoring System (DataCage Classic)
Optional Tray design or Tray-less design depending on your application
High Storage density – fit up to five 3.5” drives in 3 x 5.25” device bays or six 2.5” drives in 1 x 5.25” device bays
Hot-swappable - effortless drive installation reducing the labor cost from assembly and maintenance
3 year warranty with free global customer support via phone, email and Live Chat
3.5” HDD cage selections:
Slimmed down design with maximum cooling efficient
EZ-tray system, interchangeable with ICYBento, ICYCube, FatCage, DataCage Classic & DataCage Basic
2.5” HDD cage selections:
Full Metal construction, perfect for rugged applications and complies with flammability requirements
Ultra high-density system fits up to 6 x SSD/HDD in a single 5.25” bay
Approved & used by top tier companies such as HP, GE & Google

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