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flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B

2.5" SATA SSD / HDD Docking for Ultra Slim ODD Bay (9.5mm)
Product Details
  • flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B
    Introducing the ICY DOCK flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B, the first-ever tray-less 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD docking station enclosure for the 9.5 mm Ultra Slim Optical Disk Drive (CD/DVD/Blu-Ray) bay available in desktop computers. flexiDOCK makes it easy to expand the capabilities of your system with a second storage device, allowing you to effortlessly install and remove 5-7mm height 2.5" HDDs and SSDs without the hassle of drive trays or screws. We designed the flexiDOCK to give you the hot-swappable convenience of a docking station, with the durability and security of a fully enclosed mobile rack.
  • ICY DOCK's MB511SPO-1B uses a rugged full-metal enclosure and high-quality SATA connector, ensuring that your drives are protected through at least 10,000 drive insertion/removal cycles. The device has ventilation holes on the top and bottom for additional heat dissipation, keeping your drives cool under the heaviest of loads. A power switch allows users to shut down their drive without needing to eject it, saving power when the drive is not inserted. flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B is a perfect solution for computer systems with limited storage bays, such as All-In-One PCs, compact SMB PCs, and HTPCs.
  • Designed for Ultra Slim ODD Bay (9.5mm height)
    ICY DOCK's flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B installs into any existing 9.5mm Ultra Slim Optical Disk Drive Bay, converting the legacy 12.7mm optical drive into a removable 2.5" drive reader. The MB511SPO-1B has the exact same dimensions, screw hole locations, and port locations as the Ultra Slim Optical Disk Drive and comes with all necessary screws for installation.
  • With the flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B, you can consolidate your disk-based media onto an HDD or SSD, which have capacities nearly 500 times greater than a standard DVD.
  • Easy Hot Swap Docking
    ICY DOCK's flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B is designed to improve your workflow in any application that requires often drive swapping. Thanks to the unique drive docking design, you can simply insert the bare hard drive or solid-state drive into the flexiDOCK and start your tasks. flexiDOCK is completely tray-less and offers tool-less drive installation to save the time it takes to screw drives in and out of drive trays, which ultimately lowering the labor costs in the event of a drive failure.
  • Once a drive is inserted into flexiDOCK, an ejection button pops out and locks the drive in place to prevents accidental or unwanted drive ejection. To eject the drive, slide the ejection button to the left and then push inward to engage the drive release mechanism.
  • Whether you're performing scheduled backups or working on a media editing project that spans multiple SSDs, flexiDOCK makes it easy to swap your 5-7mm height 2.5" SSDs and HDDs without needing to restart your computer. This means drive changes happen in seconds, not minutes, getting you back to work quicker without interrupting your workflow.
  • Packed with Features
    ICY DOCK's flexiDOCK MB511SPO-1B surrounds your drive in a ruggedized metal housing with ample ventilation holes, designed to improve protection and maximize airflow, keeping drives running cool under the heaviest of loads.
  • To further prevent high temperatures, MB511SPO-1B includes a dust cover that can be used when no drive is installed. This prevents dust accumulation from blocking airways and inhibiting cooling performance.
  • When a drive is installed, the eagle-hook mechanism is inserted into the drive's screw hole, locking it into place and preventing it from falling out on systems prone to movement and vibration, such as portable desktop PCs and in-vehicle systems.
  • flexiDOCK's ejection button features a key locking mechanism which locks the drive into place, protecting against accidental drive ejection and improving physical security in sensitive data environments.
  • When you’re done using your drive, flexiDOCK has its own power switch that lets you cut access to your drive at any time, without having to eject the drive. Shutting the drive off when not in use prevents additional wear from the system reading and writing to the drive.
  • An LED indicator gives you status updates at a glance, letting you know when your drive is in use.
Main Features
Supports 1x  2.5" SATA SSD / HDD up to 7mm in height
Fits into any 9.5mm ultra-slim optical disk drive bay
Metal chassis with partial industrial ABS plastic for optimal protection
Completely trayless, with tool-less drive installation design that accepts bare drives without trays or caddies
Two-segmented drive ejection button with key lock for maximum security and to prevent accident ejections
Eagle-hook mechanism locks drives into place and prevents the drive from falling out on systems prone to movement and vibration
Dust-cover keeps the housing free of dust when no drive is installed
Flush drive insertion design fully protects drives from possible environmental damage
Front accessible drive power switch
Backed by a full 3-year manufacturer warranty against all defects
Ideal 2.5" SSD / HDD docking for systems that have limited space or applications require often drive swapping such as All-In-One Computers, Workstations, Desktop PCs, HTPCs, and embedded systems.

Model Number: MB511SPO-1B
Color: Black
Support Drive Size: 2.5" SSD / HDD
Compatible Drive Type: SATA
Number of Drives: 1
Max Drive Height: Up to 7mm
Drive Bay: 1 x ultra slim ODD bay
Host Interface: 1 x Slimline SATA 7 pin
Power Input: 1 x Slimline SATA 6 pin
Transfer Rate: Up to 6Gbps (depending on hard drive speed)
Support HDD Capacity: No limitation
Drive Cooling: Metal heat dispersion with ventilation holes
Structure / Material: Metal with parital plastic
Support Hot-Swap: Yes
Drive Security: Keylock
Product Dimension (W x H x D): 128.0 x 9.5 x 129.4mm
Product Net Weight: 143g
Package Gross Weight: 199g
Drive Activity LED Indication: Drive power: solid blue; HDD access: flashing blue
Package contents: 1 - Device, 1 - user manual, 4 - screw
SATA Connector Insertion Rate: 10,000
Humidity: 5%~65% RH
Opertating Temperature: 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -35°C to 70°C (-31°F to 158°F)
Compliance: CE, RoHS, REACH
Warranty: 3 years

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Q: I'm connecting SATA SSD to the MB511SPO-1B, but the drives did not show up in my system. However, when I connect the SSD directly to the motherboard/add-on card, I can access the SSD without a problem.

A: It may be the SATA signal decreasing when connecting multiple bridges at the same time and causing the issue. Using a higher quality or shorter cable may solve this problem. However, if the problem occurs after replacing the cable, it may be the SSD/HDD you are using requires 12V power, which is not supported by MB511SPO-1B. The MB511SPO-1B is using the Slimline SATA power that does not carry the 12V power. Therefore, please avoid choosing the SSD/HDD that requires 12V power.


Please see the list below for the SATA drive that using the 12V power.


Seagate Nytro 1351 XA3840LE10063 / XA1920LE10063 / XA960LE10063 / XA1920LE10083 / XA960LE10083 / XA1920LE10103 / XA960LE10103
Nytro 1551 XA384ME10063 / XA1920ME10063 / XA960ME10063 / XA1920ME10083 / XA960ME10083 / XA1920ME10103 / XA960ME10103
IronWolf 110 ZA3840NM10001 / ZA1920NM10001 / ZA960NM10001


Note: The MB511SPO-1B does not support SAS HDD/SSD, which also requires 12V power to be operated.

Q: Which laptops are incompatible?


A: Due to specific features of laptop design, there are certain models of laptops that are not compatible with the MB411 and MB511 series. One stems from the physical form factor and the other stems from the pinout design of the optical drive bay connector. Regarding the pinout design, there are 4 different pinout design currently in use, referred as A, B, C, D modes. The MB411 and MB511 series uses the C mode of pinout.


As of now, this is the known list of incompatible laptops:

All Lenovo models, Dell M4800, M4801, M6800, HP M7


Not being on the list of incompatible laptops does not guarantee functionality of the MB411 and MB511 series in the laptop. It is best to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to determine optical drive bay pinout design.

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