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ICY DOCK MCIO 8i SFF-TA-1016 to 2x SlimSAS 4i SFF-8654 Cable - 0.5M
Product Details
Product Description
The MB310L-B is an Internal MCIO x8 (SFF-TA-1016) to Dual SlimSAS x4 (SFF-8654) Cable to connect an HBA/RAID card/Motherboard to the following ICY DOCK enclosures:
Main Features
Length: 0.5 meters (19.69 inch)
Connectors comply with SFF-TA-1016, SFF-8654 design specifications
Transfer speeds to meet PCIe 4.0 specifications
SlimSAS connectors featuring locking latch design for secure connections
SFF-9402 compliant cable design supports mainstream NVMe/Tri-mode HBA/RAID cards
Cable has passed the UL20744 certification and meets the safety requirements

Brand : ICY DOCK
 Item Number : MB310L-B
Length : 0.5 meters/19.69 inch/500mm
Cable Type : MCIO 8i SFF-TA-1016 to 2x SlimSAS 4i SFF-8654 Cable
Connectors : MCIO 8i (SFF-TA-1016)
Connectors (Other Side) : 2x SlimSAS 4i (SFF-8654)
Warranty : 2 years warranty

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